196 Strong zero grapefruit 500mL

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SUNTORY 196 Strong zero grapefruit 500mL

SUNTORY The japanese drink -196˚C Strong Zero delivers the freshness of fruits with zero sugar* and fizzy refreshment. These ready-to-drink, canned chu-hi are available in a variety of flavors, all known for having the punch of fruit flavors packed in every sip.

Ingredients : 

Grapefruit juice, vodka, acidulant, flavoring, sweetener.


Average nutritional values :

Value for

100 ml


54 kcal


0 g

-of which saturates


0.5-1.0 g

- of which sugar

0 g

- Fibers


0 g


0.06-0.12 g




Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health; alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation