KitKat strong green tea matcha 128g

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KitKat strong green tea matcha 128g

Ingredients :

Chocolate coating( sugar, lactose, vegetable fat, whole milk powder, cocoa butter), wheat flour, vegetable fat and oil, lactose, sugar, green tea paste, matcha, whole milk powder, yeast, cocoa powder, cacao mass; cocoa butter, emulsifier, food color(gardenia, red beet, red malt) theanine, baking soda, flavor, yeast extract

Average nutritional values :

Value for

1 piece (11.3 g)


65 kcal


4.2 g

 -of which saturates

2.5 g


6.5 g

 - of which sugar

6.3 g 

 - Fibers

0.11-0.32 g


0.48 g


0.01-0.05 g