Ourhome pureed soybean soup with kimchi 300g

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Korean traditional stew

pureed soybean soup with kimchi 300g


Pureed soybean soup, purified water, stir-fried kimchi (pickled cabbage, radish, onion, green onion, red bell pepper powder), pork bone concentrate-2, green onion, glutinous rice powder, red pepper oil (paprica extract), L- Sodium Glutamate (flavor enhancer), red pepper powder, soybean oil, multi-roma powder, garlic, S kelp extract, NM anchovy powder, flavor enhancer

Valeur nutritionelle
Portions par emballage : 1
pour 300g
Valeur énergétique 155kcal
Glucides 13.74 g
dont sucres 3 g
Protéines 10.8 g
Lipides 6.3 g
dont acides gras saturés 1.4 g
dont acides gras trans 0.042 g
Cholestérol 11.166 mg
Sodium 992.1 mg