For orders placed on weekends or holidays, deliveries will take place the next day at the earliest.
You must provide us with a valid means of contact (e-mail / telephone). As we deliver food products, any delivery problem due to the impossibility of contact cannot be reimbursed.
The price for deliveries to Paris-IDF is fixed at € 18.

For deliveries in the provinces (except Paris-IDF)
For deliveries in the provinces, we use the services of Chronofresh (Chronro Fresh / Chrono Freeze). Temperatures are directed as follows: fresh (0-4 ° C), frozen (-18 ° C).
You can not receive dry and fresh products with frozen products. If you order dry / fresh and frozen products together, delivery will take place with two vehicles (one fresh and one frozen) and the delivery charges will reflect the prices of two deliveries.

For dry products: delivery at controlled temperature (Chrono Fresh)
For dry and fresh products: temperature controlled delivery fresh (Chrono Fresh)
For dry fresh and frozen products: two deliveries, one at controlled temperature (Chrono Fresh) for dry and fresh products, and one delivery at controlled temperature frozen (Chrono Freeze) for frozen products.
For delivery rates, please refer to the table below (The delivery price is independent of the delivery distance):